The Australian Whitsundays

Photography of the Australian Whitsundays

See our beautiful Whitsundays photos here:  Living Canvas

       [ Pronounced:  wit·suhn·dayz ]

The Whitsundays in Australia is renowned by travellers the world over for its natural beauty and pristine wildlife. Protected by the Great Barrier Reef, this island group is home to protected national parks and marine areas. The Whitsundays also offer some of the best yachting conditions in the Southern Hemisphere, allowing avid sailors to hop between the numerous islands whilst enjoying picturesque scenes of white beaches and aquamarine waters.

The collection “Living Canvas is one of my series which largely focuses on and celebrates the ocean and it’s ever-changing appearance. The Whitsundays has some of the most breath-taking and unique topographic scenes where the tides and the lands interact to bring us jaw dropping scenes – as if painted anew every day.

Sailing the Whitsundays - Useful links

For a truly unique experience, for those with sailing experience, Cumberland Charter Yachts would be a personal recommendation. We chartered our bareboat with them for our duration in the Whitsundays and their service was nothing short of stellar. Visit for more information.

If you’re not a sailor, fear not! There are plenty of operators in the area that can take you around the islands, tailor making your trip to ensure that you maximise your time there. Sailing Whitsundays and their incredible team is a must have contact in the area if you’re unsure on what to do, visit for more information.

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