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High Tower Photography - The genesis

From earliest memory, I remember wanting to see the world. I didn’t want to keep reading about it, I grew tired of being the person behind the photograph, seeing where others have been. I wanted to be the person behind the camera itself, capturing the moment and sharing it with the world at large.

After three years of extensive travel and accumulating a stockpile of images from around the world, I feel that now is the most opportune time to share these photos with you. The world is waking up again after it’s two-year COVID-slumber and what better way to celebrate our freedom than to experience new places and cultures…what better way to celebrate being alive than by being a part of it.

Launching High Tower Photography is more than an attempt to sell prints of the photos I’ve taken; it’s embarking on new journey of discovery through sharing. My deepest wish is that my photos inspire you to get out there and explore or beautiful planet, to learn about its fragile and complex ecosystems and to foster a love for protecting them.

We are alive right now, living through times of turmoil, unified in our frustrations but connected through our humanity. Let us embrace being alive, let us celebrate the ever-shifting canvas of life.

Follow me on my journey both old and new, even if you don’t by any one of my photos, all I ask is that you admire them for the world that they showcase, and that they remind you of the beauty around you.

Willem-Petrus, AKA

High Tower

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