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Time Machine


Darwin’s Arch, the Jewel of the Galapagos, captured here only weeks before its collapse due to erosion and rock decay. The arch, in all its grandeur, allows us to see back in time in a place lost in time, where the natural kingdom rules supreme, The Galapagos.
PREMIUM Limited Edition: Only 50 max per variant-    1 USD = +-  R14.5  (at 31 Mar 22) 

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Darwin’s Arch, a rock formation so unique and so rare that it’s formation through erosion is nothing short of extra-ordinary. The entire Galapagos Archipelago has been formed by the earths ever shifting tectonic plates moving east over the Galapagos volcanic hot spot. The hot spot creates volcanic rock formations that forms undersea mounds, these mounds eventually break the surface and form an island. A process stretching over millions of years. The collapse of the arch in 2021 stands testament to the ever shifting landscape of our planet and reminds us that everything has an end and it inspires us to appreciate what we have while we have it.

PREMIUM Limited Edition: Only 50 fine art prints of this artwork ‘Time Machine’ can ever be made in each of the 4 sizes and respective mediums.


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Brushed Aluminium, Diasec®, Fibre Paper


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