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Life Source


Tahiti and it’s rain forests leaves no room for doubt as to why the islanders revere and praise their home. Waterfalls riddle the islands, and provide every living thing with fresh water all year round.
-Limited Edition: 100 max per variant-    1 USD = +-  R14.5  (at 31 Mar 22)

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French Polynesia, a truly jaw-dropping location on our planet, is home to 118 islands and atolls which together form area of land mass equivalent to only 1600 square miles. Most islands are still uninhabited, which leaves nature kept pristine, just the way it way was thousands of years ago. Tahiti and it’s staggering mountains and lush rain forests gives a small insight to the days of old, this waterfall is one of around 160 on the island, perpetually running, giving life and changing it’s surrounding through the power of water.

Limited Edition: Only 100 fine art prints of this artwork ‘Life Source’ can ever be made in each of the 4 sizes and respective mediums.


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Brushed Aluminium, Diasec®, Fibre Paper


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