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Arch and Reef


A unique angle of the Arch and it’s surrounding reef, one can see large boulders to the left before a shear drop-off along a wall that goes down at least 60m. Marine life thrive along this protected sanctuary.
PREMIUM Limited Edition: Only 50 max per variant-    1 USD = +-  R14.5  (at 31 Mar 22) 

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The reef around Darwin’s arch is on almost every SCUBA divers bucket list, and if it isn’t, they simply haven’t heard of it yet. With the Arch and it’s rock formations being the northern most point of the Galapagos Archipelago, the reefs surrounding it is subject to all the currents and the pelagic drifters that use them as highways. Manta Ray, Hammer Head shark, False Killer Whale, Spotted Eagle Ray and Green turtle to mention only a few, can be seen underwater as one sits on the large boulders gazing into the blue abyss.

PREMIUM Limited Edition: Only 50 fine art prints of this artwork ‘Arch and Reef’ can ever be made in each of the 4 sizes and respective mediums.


Size_A0, Size_A1, Size_A2, Size_A3, Size_A4


Brushed Aluminium, Diasec®, Fibre Paper


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